Cold Laser

General Knowledge

Q. What is low-level laser therapy?

A. Low-level laser therapy is the use of low intensity photonic energy as a treatment modality.

Q. What are the benefits of low-laser therapy?

A. Low level laser therapy is a non-invasive, fast and effective modality that has been proven in clinical trials to reduce pain, reduce edema, and promote healing.

Q. How deep into the tissue can laser light penetrate?

A. The depth of penetration is dependent on multiple factors including mass and density, however since low-level laser has been proven in clinical studies to effect subcutaneous cells; the point is low-level laser, does penetrate; as opposed to the heat lamp devices that do not.


Q. Is low-level laser therapy painful?

A. No, most people do not feel anything.  For those that have reported a feeling, it is nothing more than a slight tingling

Q. How long does it take for the laser to heal or improve a condition?

A. This is dependent of the application; however, progress is immediately evident


Q. Is low-level laser therapy FDA market cleared?

A. The FDA clears for market devices and specific indications for use, this is sometime referred to by persons outside the FDA as “FDA Approval”, although it is a term unacceptable to the FDA.  All Erchonia devices have received a FDA market clearance or were self-certified in accordance to FDA regulation